URLs Du Jour (5/19/2005)

  • Yesterday, I sniffed disdainfully at folks taking cheap shots at Newsweek. Today, I can't resist quoting Ann Coulter's cheap shot at Newsweek:

    Somehow Newsweek missed the story a few weeks ago about Saudi Arabia arresting 40 Christians for "trying to spread their poisonous religious beliefs." But give the American media a story about American interrogators defacing the Quran, and journalists are so appalled there's no time for fact-checking -- before they dash off to see the latest exhibition of "Piss Christ."

    [Wish I subscribed to Newsweek, then I could cancel.]

  • Via Instapundit, Donald Sensing writes an article ostensibly criticizing Indra Nooyi's Columbia U. commencement address, but really does something more important. No excerpts. Just go read it.

    [Wish I drank Pepsi, then I could switch to Coke.]

  • Via NRO and Reason: The AP has a story that should cause every right-thinking American to demand that Dubya veto the Highway Bill and write their Congresscritters to demand that they uphold that veto: Senator Ted Stevens put in $1.5 Million for an Anchorage bus stop. Saith the Senator's spokesdroid, Courtney Boone:

    "It is supposed to be a lot more than a bus stop," she said. "It needs to have a way to smoothly transition all these people."

    $1.5 Million buys a lot of smooth, I would think.

    [Wish I lived in Alaska, so I could vote against Ted Stevens. Both NH senators voted against the Highway Bill.]

  • Soxblog offers an anecdote showing why (some) college professors rub (some) people the wrong way, using a radio appearance of one Professor John Esposito of Georgetown U.:

    Steven called up and made his points which were contrary to the professor's views; the professor responded in part by saying that, "If Steven spent some time doing a little bit of reading…" he would come around to the professor's way of thinking.

    As Robert Duvall once observed, I love the smell of condescension in the morning.

    [Wish my kids went to Georgetown so I could yank them outta there… Well, no, I probably wouldn't do that.]

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