URLs Du Jour (5/24/2005)

  • Instapundit happened to point to the Surviving Grady blog, funny and opinionated writing about our beloved Red Sox. One hilarious post discusses between-inning commercials, a wish-I'd-thought-of-it-first topic. It turns out a lot of people really hate Bernie and Phyl; I personally find Bob and his female sidekick (from Bob's Discount Furniture) far more irritating.

    However, I laugh every time Tim Wakefield beans his neighbor Larry in the Reebok commercial.

  • How about that filibuster deal? Some folks on my side are angry or depressed, which is bad. But some folks on the other side are angry and depressed too, which is good. I'll repeat what I heard Imus say on my way in to work: I'm basically disappointed we won't see a fistfight between Orrin Hatch and Teddy Kennedy on CSPAN-2. And Glenn (as usual) has it pretty much right: if Dubya was going to nominate small-government types, I'd be more excited, but he's not, so I'm not.
  • Via Geek Press: Das Keyboard (für nur Übergeeks, liebchen).

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