URLs du Jour (6/14/2005)

  • Don't care about Michael Jackson? Neither do I, but nevertheless, Mr. Sun has insightful comments on Nancy Grace, CNN legal analyst.

    How can CNN sleep at night? She mocks the jurors with Napoleon Dynamite sighs, interrupts the foreman with rude accusations, and completely abandons any pretense of impartiality.

    Good question.

  • Mickey Kaus reality-checks a story headlined in the Huffington Post as "More U.S. Kids Going Hungry While 2/3 Of Population Is Overweight"

    But if you read the story all the way through, it turns out that the kids aren't going hungry. They're malnourished, which is not the same thing (and not unrelated to obesity)

    Shocking, ain't it? Lefties actually distorting a study's results. I haven't seen that happen before. Well, not for a couple days now. But I haven't been paying that much attention.

  • Both the MinuteMan and Betsy Newmark point to this welcome article from Bjørn Lomborg on recent "scientific" alarums on global warming from politicized science academies. Key paragraphs:

    They do not tell us that even if all the industrial nations agreed to the cuts (about 30pc from what would otherwise have been by 2010), and stuck to them all through the century, the impact would simply be to postpone warming by about six years beyond 2100. The unfortunate peasant in Bangladesh will find that his house floods in 2106 instead.

    Moreover, they should also tell what they expect the cost of the Kyoto Protocol to be. That may not come easy to natural scientists, but there is plenty of literature on the subject, and the best guess is that the cost of doing a very little good for the third world 100 years from now would be $150billion per year for the rest of this century.

    Unfortunately, it's tough to fight against this kind of politicized science; as Lomborg discovered, you get smeared when you dissent from orthodoxy.

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