URLs du Jour (7/8/2005)

  • William Sjostrom catches Paul Krugman contradicting himself by comparing two op-ed columns on the same topic (obesity), published a mere four days apart. Oh well. If confronted with his inconsistency, Krugman might model his excuse after Whitman: "I am fat, I contain multitudes." (via Prof Cowen at Marginal Revolution).
  • If you doubt whether a blogger can go up with the best of of mainstream-media analysis, you might want to look at the MinuteMan's speculations on Robert Novak's likely role in the Plame controversy. Unlike a lot of commentators on the matter, he's paid careful attention to everything that's going on, and (unlike a lot of lefty commentators) doesn't let Rove-hatred cloud his thinking.
  • I was optimistic that Brits would react to the terrorist mass-murder in London with the backbone that the Spaniards didn't. At NRO, John Derbyshire disagrees. Hope he's wrong.
  • Way back when (in January 2000), there was an urban legend about "Kentucky Fried Chicken" changing its name to "KFC" because what you were buying wasn't really and truly chicken, but some sort of "genetically engineered organism" that they could no longer legally call chicken. Mrs. Salad played a role in debunking this; see here for the story.

    Ah, but now in these days of modern times … Aieee, it's coming true!!! (Via Geek Press.)

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