Krugman, Hack

Via Don Luskin: Wilson El Feo points out (in two posts here and here) that Paul Krugman, ostensible economist with ostensible expertise in trade policy, did not find time to write a single column about CAFTA.

Actually (to be fair) Krugman did manage to write a single dismissive paragraph about CAFTA, after it had been passed, in his August 1 column. But that's really the exception that proves El Feo's point: Krugman has lost interest in anything save hyperpartisan Bush-bashing.

[Update 2017-11-29: Krugman finally got around to writing, briefly, about CAFTA in his blog when Hillary's position(s) on trade became an issue during the 2016 primary season.]

Last Modified 2017-11-29 11:39 AM EDT