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Movie Weekend begins with this interesting flick that tells the story of about ten intertwined lives in a small town over a duration of about 30 minutes. It does this cleverly via repeated flashbacks, each following one of the main characters through the process. And only until the last thread is played out do we get the full picture of what actually happened. (It's not very hard to figure out, but it helps to pay attention to small details right from the beginning.)

The tone is mostly black-comic, with moving corpses and misplaced, uh, body parts playing a large role.

Apparently the movie didn't make it into theaters much, according to IMDB; after a bunch of film-festival showings in 2003, it's just recently limped into DVD release. There are some semi-big stars present: Hillary Swank, Patrick Swayze, Barbara Hershey. And, gee, Henry Thomas has grown up a bit since he was Elliot in E. T..

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