URLs du Jour -- 12/15/2005

  • Well, I'll be damned, Jim: tribbles are real. (This is from the Cute Overload website, which, beware, will rot your brain if you go too often.)
  • And now for something completely different, as they say. Via Jim Cerny, here is an amazing ad for

    "Astonishing Shortcut Fighting Secrets So Dangerous They Were Banned By Congress Finally Revealed By Notorious Former Military 'Secret Weapon' Who Scares Even Top Martial Art Pros... By Quickly Turning Even Scrawny Weaklings Into Monster Killing Machines Almost Overnight!"

    So consider this URL a palate-cleanser after the first one.

    Also please assume I've taken this course; even though I'm a not-particularly-scrawny weakling, it would be advisable to treat me like a Monster Killing Machine! If that's OK with you.

    [2018-06-21 Update: link is now defunct, sorry. I guess Turning Even Scrawny Weaklings Into Monster Killing Machines Almost Overnight was not a sustainable business model.]

  • And—sorry, don't seem to be able to get off the religion thing these days—here is an article by Mark Steyn (at the UK Spectator, free registration required). Topics covered: whether ethical monotheism is really the worst idea ever, John Lennon, the Narnia movie, population trends in Europe and America, depressed Germans, and more.

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