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URLs du Jour -- 1/8/2006

  • This NYT anti-Alito editorial is evidence (according to Ed Whelan) that the writer is "just plain stupid as well as dishonest." Stuart Buck is more charitable, deeming it merely "quite unfair." (But Pun Salad is pretty sure a previous version of the post deemed it a "flat-out lie."). Ann Althouse is content merely to predict that the NYT's current seemingly "open-minded" editorial position on Alito will be followed up with a post-hearing opposition, following the model they established with John Roberts.

    Addendum: Prof Bainbridge fills in the missing context from the NYT editorial.

  • In the meantime, the Saturday edition of our local paper, Foster's Daily Democrat, essentially reprinted a press release from the anti-Alito folks, devoting about 650 words and a picture to their recent activism in York, Maine. Unintentional humor: the activism consisted of three (count 'em, three) people standing by the road waving signs. The "reporter" didn't even bother to nail down the day of this massive protest. But he did manage to report their allegations about Alito without checking for accuracy or seeking alternative views.

    For example, one activist speculated that Alito might vote to uphold New Hampshire's parental-notification law in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. The reporter simply repeated this, apparently unaware that new Supreme Court justices traditionally do not participate in decisions on cases already argued.

    But the paper was happy to publish URLs to the activists' various websites.

    (Free registration is apparently required at the Foster's website if you want to read this sterling example of journalism online.)

  • Joe Malchow unloads upon the race question on college admissions forms as Pun Salad did here. Also commenting: Discriminations and Todd Zywicki at Volokh.
  • Yes, as you may have noticed from the previous items, Pun Salad has decided to start referring to itself in the third person. Doug Giles points this out as a danger sign of … something involving bulldogs and poodles. Pun Salad, frankly, doesn't understand it, but it sounds bad. Therefore, it shall be only done ironically; remember, Pun Salad is only pretending to be annoying and pretentious. (As they say: I'm just keeeeeeding!)

    Coming soon: parenthetical comments from an imaginary editor. All the cool bloggers do that. [You mean like this?-ed. Yes. But I said "coming soon," not now.]

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