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  • On the Mohammed Cartoons: if you'd like a brief history and a much more eloquent defense of free expression than the one I provided yesterday, check Paul Marshall at the Weekly Standard here. Matthew Hoy makes sense as always, and Virginia Postrel does too.

  • And Eugene Volokh, pbuh, compares and contrasts the Boston Globe editorial on this controversy to those it made on Serrano's "Piss Christ" and similar NEA-funded Christian-irritating art. He discovers a disparity unsurprising to those who read (or, in my case, used to read) the Globe.

  • Glenn isn't too happy with the Globe either.

    The funny thing is that the Globe views fundamentalist Christians as a god-besotted threat to liberty, but makes excuses for people like this.

    Might quibble with that "funny" though. How about "tedious"?

  • Let's give intolerant hotheads belonging to other religions some link love, though. Joanne Jacobs links to a story from Bennett, Colorado, where some parents are upset that their children were shown a video about the opera Faust, in which (you may have heard) the title character sells his soul to the devil.

    No mention of whether the dismayed parents were Christians, or thin-skinned Satanists objecting to a negative portrayal of Mephistopheles. In any case, Joanne reports the teacher "plans to look for a job next year in a less conservative town." Also unmentioned: whether she was threatened with decapitation.

  • The Slashdot headline says it all: Wasp Larvae Feed on Zombie Roaches. Very catchy; if not a good name for a rock band, perhaps a pretty decent song title.

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