Kaus on Krugman

I commented on Paul Krugman's February 27 column on inequality here. Mickey Kaus reminds us why he is (unlike me) actually paid to do that sort of thing here.

Mickey wrote a book a number of years back titled The End of Equality, which I've actually read; I was impressed at the time at how refreshingly free of liberal cant it was. He did a great job of arguing that social inequality was almost certainly more worth worrying about than the raw economic inequality. He resummarizes the thesis:

We're Americans--we don't mind people getting rich. We do mind richer people lording it over less rich people, or even thinking they're better than less rich people.
Exactly. His book is very much worth reading, if you can find it.

Mickey also not-so-subtly recalls that Krugman was all for free-market wages in the past, when it was his own wage in question.