Link List Update

Don'tcha just hate bloggers who don't keep their blogrolls up to date? Me neither. Nevertheless, here are changes to the list over there on the right somewhere:

  • New URLs for Achenblog and Hoy Story.

  • Removed the Man Without Qualities, since he has unfortunately become the Man Without Posting Anything Since January 8. Too bad, I'll miss him. Someone let me know if he returns.

  • Added Mark Levin's blog, based at National Review.

  • Added Phi Beta Cons, a group blog covering higher education issues, also based at NR.

  • Added the infidel Treacher, because I was not getting enough drug-induced humor, 90% of which I don't even understand.

  • Added Carl Schaad's new blog. Now freed from the cold corporate shackles of the Accuweather site, Carl is finally able to freely engage in his own brand of humor. Like those dog whistles, the humor may only be detectable by those of Scandinavian descent.

  • Finally, added WitNit, because he's a Richard Mitchell fan. Good enough for me.

Last Modified 2006-03-22 6:46 PM EST