URLs du Jour


  • Soxblog checks out Senator John Kerry's Boston Globe op-ed commemorating the 35th anniversary of his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Apparently the commemoration is pretty much occurring due to Kerry's own relentless self-promotion; he also gave a speech marking the event yesterday at Faneuil Hall. (The Boston Globe, of course, is eager to cooperate.)

    Soxblog deems the op-ed to be a "new low" for Kerry, mainly by digging Kerry's actual testimony out of the memory hole and comparing it to Kerry's current, um, convenient interpretation.

  • Irony Department: Little Green Footballs covers the student art exhibit censored by Charles Garoian, director of the PSU School of Visual Arts (discussed here yesterday). It turns out one of Prof Garoian's publications is pugnaciously entitled "Fighting censorship in the art classroom".

  • In the meantime, David Bernstein has much more at Volokh's. The Penn State spokesperson is disputing the facts as reported in the college newspaper; it's far from clear what's really going on.