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  • Dr. Mike Adams of Town Hall fame came to visit the UNH campus last week. Unfortunately, I missed his presentation, but he found the trip perilous enough to refer to here. The column is a collection of some of his zingers. Here's one fit to print in our PG-13 blog:
    If you are easily offended by free speech on campus, I have just the solution: Get the hell out of college.

  • Dr. Adams' visit is also covered by our intrepid student newspaper here with the amusing headline:
    Ex-democrat 'ruffles feathers, tutus'
    Heh! It sounds as if Mike is aiming to be a Y-chromosomed Ann Coulter. Good luck with that.

  • Pun Salad shot its wad (and I mean that in a totally PG-13 way) on gasoline prices yesterday, but Professor Drezner has a good sober article on the issue, the highlight being a quote from Professor DeLong:
    Democrats are (because of the environmentalist wing of the party) generally in favor of higher gasoline taxes and higher gasoline prices--except when gasoline prices are high. Republicans are in favor of letting oil markets "work"--except when gasoline prices are high.
    To repeat: heh.

  • Here is "59 Things A Man Should Never Do Past 30". Pun Salad is well past 30, and can report that he never does 58 of those things, and that number 26 should be changed from "Air drum" to "Air drum, unless to a Who song." Because it seems that should be pretty much irresistible no matter how old you are.

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