URLs du Jour


  • Iran's loon-in-chief sent a letter to Dubya earlier this week. You can be all serious and read the original (PDF) here; but (frankly) it's 18 muddily-typed pages, and it really begins to drag somewhere in the middle of the second line of page 1. Instead, I'd suggest reading the Lileks version or the Iowahawk version.

    And one perspicacious observer found the letter's reference to Guantanamo Bay prisoners similar to what you'd hear in an institution of Higher Learning, but a tad hypocritical. Ouch!

  • Much ado today about the revelation that major phone companies are providing records on domestic calls to the NSA, allowing traffic analysis and data mining. The Pajamas folk have a great resource to bloggers pro and con on the issue. Personally: (a) I'd prefer that government not be snooping on vast amounts of data full knowing that 99.99+% has no relation to enemies foreign or domestic; (b) on the other hand, I'm probably not willing to indulge my preference at the cost of missing another upcoming terrorist attack; (c) it's pretty clear that the law has failed to keep up with technology; (d) but that might not be the greatest excuse to pretend the laws don't apply; (e) people who speak with vehement certainty on either side of this issue amaze me.

  • OK, I probably wouldn't pass a quiz on the contents of the Democratic Party's 2004 platform. But you'd think this guy would be able to get it right. The phrase "two-faced weasel" appears in the linked article, so I'm sure many Pun Salad readers will want to check it out.