URLs du Jour


  • Matt Labash covers the YearlyKos convention for the Weekly Standard. It was, he reports, especially notable for its diversity:
    Like at Pastor Dan's Interfaith Service on Sunday morning, which featured "greetings from faith traditions." They had a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist, a pagan, a Unitarian, and an atheist. And it wasn't the setup to a joke! They didn't walk into a bar or anything! An atheist! At an interfaith service! That's diversity!
    Matt took the Kossovites less than seriously, apparently. You'll also want to check Shawn Macomber's two-parter at the American Spectator here and here. And Byron York here and here. If you're looking for sycophancy instead, I assume you know where it is. (Oh, all right. It's here.)

  • Lileks on unfortunate Minneapolis architecture. I must point out, in all false modesty, that I noticed the (select to reveal spoiler) Tron similarity before I read him making the same point. I'd like to say "great minds think alike", but I'm afraid it's more honest to say "geek minds think alike."

  • And out in Sin City, the valedictorian at Foothill High School had her microphone switched off in the middle of her graduation address by the high school administration due to Unacceptable Content. The ACLU sprang into action … on the side of the administration. I suppose you can guess the reason.

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