URLs du Jour


  • Mark Liberman at Language Log remains on the Weisberg Watch, and analyzes whether the recent dearth of Bushisms at Slate indicate a change in editorial behavior. His conclusion: probably not.

  • Pun Salad previously noted the travesty in the Superman Returns trailer:
    Perry White asks: "Does he still stand for truth, justice, all that stuff?" All that stuff? Could director/writer Bryan Singer possibly be such an asshat?
    Apparently the answer is yes. Although screenwriters Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris apparently deserve a major heaping of scorn as well.

    One reason cited for the "… and the American way" deletion is to appeal to the international market. Ah. Well, good luck with that, guys.

  • Doug at GraniteGrok (best NH blog name ever, by the way) is all over the story of the Nashua, NH man arrested for videotaping policemen on his own front porch. The story is teetering between outrageous and ludicrous. The Nashua top cop is quoted:
    "We don't get it right all the time. Although I am not condemning the officers . . . I don't have all the facts. If it turns out when I do have them all that we erred, then I will be the first to admit it."
    Truth, Justice, and the Nashuaian way!

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