Moonbat in our Midst

The New Hampshire mainstream media (in the form of the Manchester (NH) Union Leader) has noticed that UNH psych prof William Woodward is a member of lunatic conspiracy group "Scholars for 9/11 Truth." Their initial Sunday article is here; initial reader response here; Monday followup here. And today (Tuesday) there's another article and also an editorial. The dustup has prompted an article at Inside Higher Ed, which has further quotes.

[If the Union Leader reporters had been Pun Salad readers, they could have discovered Prof Woodward back on June 20 or July 30.]

Prof Woodward now says he wants to teach a 9/11-related course, which would be akin to having a Holocaust revisionist teach HIST 869 ("Germany from 1918 to Present"). I don't think anyone in charge here is actually dim enough to let him do that, but I've been surprised and disappointed by unexpected dimness before.

The Union Leader articles document a spectrum of responses from (a) outraged demands for Prof Woodward's firing; to (b) delicately-worded responses from politicians and university officials, paraphrasible as "He's a loon, but, hey, academic freedom"; to (c) cheers from fellow moonbats for Woodward's "speaking truth to power". NH-blogger Kim comes down solidly in camp (a).

Pun Salad, on the other hand, favors ridicule and contempt, in roughly equal measures. And also plans to encourage UNH sophomore Pun Daughter to keep away from psych courses.

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