The Thing Called Love

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Youngsters may not believe this, but there was once a guy named Peter Bogdonovich who was a majorly talented director. He made fantastic movies in the early 70s: The Last Picture Show, What's Up Doc, and Paper Moon. Then things kind of fizzled. This movie is kind of a good example: Bogdonovich made it in 1993, it was a huge box office flop, only seeing limited release. The DVD was only released earlier this year.

So it's a chance to see Sandra Bullock in one of the early movies she made, and River Phoenix in one of his last. (It's a little weird how movie history-time works; Sandra Bullock seems to have been around longer than that, and River Phoenix doesn't seem to have kicked the bucket so long ago. But the IMDB doesn't lie …)

Oh, how's the movie? It's OK, a story about young people trying to Make It in Nashville. Very clichéd, but there are some clever scenes and dialog. Sandra Bullock has I'm-gonna-be-a-star written all over her. In her first scene, she auditions a song she (actually) wrote herself, and it's hilarious.

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