16 Blocks

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Bruce Willis has become the go-to guy to cast if you're making a movie about a burned-out loser cop looking for redemption against long odds. Well, good for him; I like Bruce Willis.

And this movie's pretty decent too, as boozing-cop Bruce is tasked with getting Mos Def from the police station to a courthouse a short distance away (guess how far?) against a short time deadline and a seemingly infinite supply of bad guys.

The director is Richard Donner, who's made a lot of big-budget blockbusters (e.g.: Lethal Weapon [1234], Superman (I|II), Conspiracy Theory). 16 Blocks is small in comparison, but moves right along. You know how this is going to play out eventually, but it's still fun watching them work out the details.

There's an alternate ending on the DVD, but they chose the right one for the movie.

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