URL's du Jour


  • Happy Labor Day, oppressed masses! Instapundit has a collection of links to cheer you up.

  • Like UNH, Ann Althouse's University of Wisconsin is dealing with its own 9/11 moonbat. Professor Althouse, long a longly voice of sanity in Madison, muses on the conspiracy mentality:
    Is anyone surprised by fact that people with advanced degrees believe conspiracy theories? Although plenty of sensible people get advanced degrees, the pursuit of an advanced degree is something that appeals to the kind of person who wants to load a lot of material into his brain and do things with it. Someone like that is more likely to get into conspiracy thinking -- things are connected! -- than the ordinary person who wants to get through with school and get out in the world and do things there. The sizzle and ferment of the inside of the head isn't what most people want. And they're suspicious of academic types with good reason. There are a lot of screwy people in academia.
    No foolin'.

  • And this is just wrong in so many ways. So wrong, In fact, I'm not sure how long it can last in its present form, so click quick. (Via Dave Barry.) [Update: darn, they fixed it. Somewhat replicated here.]

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