Broken Flowers

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This is a small arty movie with Bill Murray in the main role. He plays Don Johnston, an unsubtle takeoff on "Don Juan". Don gets an anonymous note from an ex-lover, who claims he's the father of a twenty-year-old lad who's coming to see him. Don is bullied (amusingly) by his neighbor Winston to proactively seek out possible candidates for the mother.

There are a number of humorous parts, but actual laugh-out-loud funniness I think is not considered arty, so it's rare. Bill Murray plays it very low key, probably even more so than he did in Lost in Translation. Someone needs to cast him in a non-arty comedy again, and I'm not talking about yet another Garfield movie.

The DVD has a shot of the film's clapboard at the beginning of each scene, also a pretty good outtake of Bill Murray goofing with a small kid playing Winston's daughter. If you get the DVD, it's a must-see.

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