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  • Catherine Seipp writes on TV:
    This season's funniest new comedy, 30 Rock, debuts tonight [actually last night] on NBC. But much as I love it, I fear it might help lower the boom even faster on the expensive, audience-shedding Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, this season's (unintentionally) funniest new drama.
    I don't share Cathy's ability to enjoy unintentionally funny dramas, but I hope for her sake that Studio 60 stays on. (Personally, even though I like Matthew Perry, I was only able to watch it for about 23 seconds before changing the channel.)

    But she's very correct about 30 Rock, which I thought was extremely smart and funny. Tina Fey is a true Wonder Woman. Only criticism: needs a bit more Dratch.

  • Thomas Sowell has Part III of his series of essays on frivolous politics; it's on racial and ethnic issues. (If you missed them: Part I, Part II.)

  • A USC demographer asserts (in the WaPo) that "we are beginning to be crushed under the weight of our own quality-of-life degradation." Ronald Bailey says: that's absurd.

  • North Korea gone nuclear? Eh. Iowahawk? Eek!

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