URLs du Jour


  • Cato has issued its Fiscal Policy Report Card on America's Governors: 2006. From the Executive Summary:
    Only one governor receives an A this year — Republican Matt Blunt of Missouri. The next two highest-scoring Republicans are Rick Perry of Texas and Mark Sanford of South Carolina. The highest-scoring Democratic governors are John Lynch of New Hampshire and Phil Bredesen of Tennessee.
    Emphasis added for Graniteers. Only six governors received "B" grades from Cato, including Governor Lynch.

  • If you want to hear some good arguments for raising the Federal gasoline tax —hey, wait a minute, stop throwing stuff at me!—by one dollar per gallon—Ow! That hurt! Stoppit!—you should probably head on over to Greg Mankiw's blog where he reproduces his WSJ op-ed from today. Professor Mankiw is a very sensible guy, which means that his proposals stand a slim chance of being enacted.

  • Elizabeth Edwards thinks she's more joyful than Hillary Clinton. That's a pretty low bar to clear, though.

    For the record, Pun Salad considers itself more joyful than Cute Overload. Beat that, Blogosphere!