URLs du Jour


  • Possibly I will shut up about vegemite someday. Today is not that day. At Cato's blog, Michael F. Cannon recaps the saga so far, and points out the FDA's shoddy and disgusting record on folic acid. The phrase "5,000 unnecessary cases of spina bifida" appears.

  • If you're one of the folks who "act as if choosing whom to vote for is like choosing sides to cheer or boo at a sports event": Dafydd gives you someone to cheer for in the World Series.

  • Dean Barnett is on to something, I think, with his observations about use of "absolute moral authority" in political arguments.
    The left's strategy is to have absolute moral authority figures like the Jersey Girls or Cindy Sheehan carry its message. The messengers would also necessarily be victims so if you got down 'n' dirty with them, you would automatically qualify as a cretin.
    The pathos involved appeals to a certain mindset. There's also a certain calculated cynicism involved in pushing selected "victims" into the limelight.