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Movie Marathon Weekend continues … What's good about Click is its supporting cast: Kate Beckinsale, Henry Winkler, Julie Kavner (Rhoda's sister, out from under that tower of blue hair), Christopher Walken, Sean Astin, Jennifer Coolidge, and the wonderful Rachel Dratch. James Earl Jones even does voiceovers! The premise is oh-so-promising: Adam Sandler goes out to buy a "universal remote control" and finds one that really does control the universe.

What's not so hot is the utter predictability of what follows. Sandler will Learn A Lesson; it's clear in the first ten minutes what the lesson is, and it's clear in about the first twenty minutes how the lesson will be learned. And things get pretty sloppily sentimental along the way, even for me; I'm usually a sucker for that kind of thing.

I like Adam Sandler, though, even when he's whiny and sappy.

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