URLs du Jour


  • Joe Malchow at Dartblog has conveniently groups together his posts on the "Indian Wars" out there at the University of West New Hampshire. It's good reading.

  • Also with a note on the issue is Drew Cline who argues that the conservative Dartmouth Review needlessly made itself enemies by posting a "full-page cover illustration of a crazed-looking Indian warrior carrying a scalp." Probably true.

  • Ronald Bailey reports on a debate over the black/white IQ gap between Charles Murray and James Flynn. Interesting, and the conclusion makes sense too:
    No matter who turns out to be right in the nature versus nature debate over why there is a gap in black/white IQ scores, the idea that we must strive to treat every person as an individual, not as a representative of some group or other, seems right to me.
    Me too. And embracing that idea at Dartmouth, for example, would do a world of good. Unfortunately, it's unlikely to happen as long as playing the victimized-group card remains a viable ploy.