Edison Force

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You see the actors here: Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey, and you think: hey, how bad can it be? And, guess what: it's extremely possible for Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey to be in a dreadful and nearly-unwatchable movie. I'd tell you what it's about, but, really: don't even bother to think about it.

There are a lot of other people I like in Edison Force as well: John Heard, LL Cool J, Dylan McDermott, and Westley himself, Cary Elwes. They don't help at all. And Justin Timberlake—Elvis Mitchell himself would have to spring for the ticket for me to ever see a Justin Timberlake movie again.

[Oops, I notice that Justin is going to be in the next Shrek movie. Well, except for that one, Elvis Mitchell himself …]

Speaking of John Heard, I wish they'd bring out Between the Lines on DVD. Great little movie, with a great cast, set in Boston, and much more deserving of video-store shelf space than Edison Force.

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