URLs du Jour


  • Kip Esquire does not appreciate the noises some Floridians are making for a so-called "national catastrophe fund", which (they claim) is necessitated by their "soaring" insurance rates. I.e., they'd prefer the country as a whole pick up part of the bill for their choice of domicile.

    Perhaps I could be persuaded to back such a fund, should it also provide for free driveway-plowing in New Hampshire winters.

  • You shouldn't click this link if you're put off by the N-word. It's a response to Jesse Jackson, who wants to "prohibit that word in public usage as hate language." Geoffrey Pullum pulls the rug out on that idea with a single sentence:
    If you want to make sure you know what you look like, don't take down the mirrors.
    There's more, but I think the above is adequate.

  • Ah, Senator McCain. Is there no lousy idea he's unwilling to enshrine in Federal legislation?

  • Janice Brown is soliciting suggestions for an Official New Hampshire State Secret Handshake, but in my humble opinion, you'll have to come up with something really good to beat the one she has already.

    Also check the link for information on a handshake commemorated by an Official New Hampshire Historical Marker, which you will probably want to include in your future travel plans.