Merry Christmas!

I always wondered what that <blink> tag was good for. I suspect, however, that it's one of the things that … make baby Jesus cry.

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By the way, I wanted to bloviate a bit about the "War on Christmas" as garishly illustrated at right: turns out (a) it's over and (b) we won. This is a shameless generalization from personal experience. Nearly every retail establishment I visited the past few weeks, the workers wished me some form of "Merry Christmas" instead of the tediously inoffensive "Happy Holidays." A few brief conversations with others showed they'd had the same experience.

But then …

I saw various news reports about a poll that showed that 95% of shoppers were not offended by "Merry Christmas". In fact, 51% of those polled were actively bothered by the "Happy Holidays" greeting. In fact:

For some shoppers, a clerk who says "Happy Holidays" might as well be saying "Don't shop here" — 36% say they have avoided shopping at a store or have cut their visit short after being greeted with a "Happy Holidays" instead of a "Merry Christmas."

So—and here's the problem—the retailers have no doubt read those polls themselves, or done their own, and are simply shifting their tactics in pursuit of the same goal: the politically-correct minimization of offense. They don't really mean it!

Darn. But honestly, I suppose it's difficult to blame them for that; it's not as if they should be going out of their way to offend people; they're not bloggers.

Which allows me to quote a post over at Protein Wisdom:

Merry Christmas to all Xtians, and everyone else who is too mature to take offense at the religious observances of other people!

And to those who do take offense at other people's religious observances, IN YOUR FACE!

There's also a tasteless video, so … oh, you've clicked over there already. Well, Merry Christmas anyway.

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