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  • Frank J's "random thoughts" are always superior to my (allegedly) non-random ones. Sample:

    Government didn’t step in to save Firefly, so unless something on PBS or NPR is better than Firefly, I don’t see why my tax dollars should go to it.

    On target. So check out the rest.

  • Keith Hennessey, like me, thinks Senator Ted Cruz has noble goals, but finds him wrongheaded on strategy, specifically his approach to the recent vote to raise the debt ceiling "cleanly".

    But having the right policy goal isn’t enough to succeed, to change policy. You also need a legislative strategy with an endgame and some chance of success. As best I can tell Senator Cruz didn’t have one last fall and he didn’t have one earlier this week. His tactical legislative moves, then and now, need to be considered in that context. The same is true for his public comments surrounding those legislative moves. His objection this week served only to expose that Republicans were boxed in, forced to choose between facilitating passage of a bill they didn’t like and an even worse policy outcome. And they were boxed in because they could not build sufficient support for a unified legislative strategy that had a chance of success.

    And Thomas Sowell sees Cruz as … not a team player.

    Senator Ted Cruz has not yet reached the point where he can make policy, rather than just make political trouble. But there are already disquieting signs that he is looking out for Ted Cruz -- even if that sets back the causes he claims to be serving.

    Could be.

  • Scott Sumner takes apart the recent White House effort to defend the 5-year-old ARRA "stimulus". Summary: "every bit as embarrassing as you might expect." But details abound, including:

    3. Instead of comparing actual to predicted results, they have lots of graphs showing the success of fiscal stimulus based on models of the economy that simply assume the policy was successful. How is that supposed to convince anyone?

    Apparently the report is aimed at people who are predisposed to believe anything the White House says.

  • And, stolen from PowerLine:

    [Bob has diabetes]

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