URLs du Jour



  • At Big Journalism, Joel B. Pollak notes that NPR echoed uncritically President Obama's assertion about women making 77% of what men do "for doing the same jobs."

    I wouldn't mention this except that I overheard a conversation where a very smart female co-worker did the same thing.

    I don't like to get polemical in people's faces at work, so I said nothing. But Pollak helpfully links to this Daily Beast article (which deems the statistic a "massively discredited factoid") this Slate article (which, probably more accurately, calls it a "lie").

  • Not to inundate you with Jeopardy!/Ken Jennings links, but Ken has a sweet interview with 84-year-old Julan Griffin, who thought up the game's answer-and-question format with ex-husband Merv back in 1963.

  • Wrap your mind around: Extinct Aquatic Sloths. They were quite the rage 4-8 million years ago.

    And I think "Hootie and the Extinct Aquatic Sloths" would have been an excellent band name, a vast improvement over the one they actually chose.