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This was on Mrs. Salad's list of wanna-sees. But (as it turned out) she really wanted to see this movie instead. Don't blame me: she just gave me a list. For some reason Disconnect is a really popular movie title.

Here's the story: Haley is distraught by the recent death of her mother. Fortunately, she comes across an old toy phone that magically enables her to make calls to people in the past. So she can call Past Mom and shoot the breeze.

Good, right? But no. Mom makes some ominous comments that lead Haley to believe that foul play might have been involved in her demise. So she starts (a) using her (mediocre) detective skills in the present and (b) calling people in the past in order to change events. But it's a Back to the Future-style time story: changing the past ripples forward to change the present. Since Haley is kinda stupid, her efforts make things worse. Can she unwind things?

I liked this movie better when it was called Frequency.

The acting is lousy, but that could be due to the absurdly wooden dialogue the actors are uttering. It is a prime example of the Idiot Plot, defined at TV Tropes as "a Plot that hangs together only because the main characters behave like idiots." (To drive this home, the main character and her friend use the Time Phone to make crank calls to the past.)

So, no, I can't recommend it. But that other Disconnect movie looks like it might be OK…

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