URLs du Jour - 2014-11-03

  • Not that it matters, but I'll be voting tomorrow with my fingers crossed (hoping Democrats lose) and holding my nose (because I'll be voting for Republicans).

    Holding the pencil will be a challenge.

  • Out in California, political speech got a little too free for "civil rights activists": "Civil Rights Activists Demand Probe Of Maxine Waters ‘Poverty Pimp’ Posters"

    Here 'tis:

    [Maxine Waters Poverty Pimp]

    I wouldn't ordinarily mention that, but apparently the same geniuses took to ridiculing our state's Senator Jeanne Shaheen as well:

    [Quarantine Shaheen]

    I don't know how many votes this will generate on one side or another. But (as far as I know) no investigations have been threatened here in NH. [And there must be more out there besides those in New Hampshire and California, right?]

  • Longtime readers may know that I despise the tinpot-despot madness of Daylight Saving Time. At NR's Corner, Tim Cavanaugh is on my wavelength too: "Spring Forward, Fall Back, Kneel to Your Masters".

    How did you spend the extra hour? The twice-yearly flipflop from standard to “daylight savings” time and back again may not be the most terrible thing the government does. But it is certainly the most irritating, the most unnecessary, the most maddeningly dependent on — and reinforcing of — the innate idiocy of all of us.

    Tim doesn't go as far as I in advocating the separation of time and state.

  • Michael Moynihan has read the actor/comedian/druggie Russell Brand's new book Revolution and he leaves little doubt that Brand is a moron.

    The problem here isn’t so much that Brand knows nothing about history, is politically naive, doesn’t understand even the rudiments of economics, can’t write, and manages 320 pages without producing a single laugh. It’s that his self-righteousness often veers into the authoritarian.

    He was good in… well, I think I saw him in something.

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