The Stupidest Angel

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Subtitle: "A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror". And what better time to read a heartwarming tale of Christmas terror than early August?

The stupidest angel in the title is Raziel, and Christopher Moore fans have seen him before. (In fact, we've seen most of these characters before. But new readers shouldn't worry, this book stands alone well.) He's been sent to Earth to pull off a Christmas miracle, and he totally screws it up.

Part of his problem is trying to pull off the miracle in Pine Cove, California, long the scene of supernatural mayhem. But (good news), the residents of the town freak out significantly less than those of saner locales would. Hence the death toll, while nothing to be proud of, is kept to a practical minimum.

This would make a fantastic mini-series on one of the cable channels that can abide a little raunchiness and violence. FX? (There's a website for the movie, but production seems to be halted.) I was casting as I read: Seth Rogen for Theo, the once-and-future pothead local constable?

Only downside to a movie is there's probably no room for prose like this:

Theo looked at Gabe's ex-girlfriend, considered the heels, the stockings, the makeup, the hair, the lines of her suit, her nose, her hips, and felt like he was looking at a sports car that he could not afford, would not know how to drive, and he could only envision himself entangled in the wreckage of, wrapped around a telephone pole.

We've all been there, guys, amirite?

Aside, and sorry for the small spoiler: What is it with zombies and churches anyway?

Consumer note: I got a used copy in very good shape from an Amazon reseller, for far less money than the Kindle version.

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