Lady Bird

[4.0 stars] [IMDb Link] [Amazon Link]

Still nothing new on TV, so we dip into the Amazon Prime streamers and … hey, this looks pretty good, Nominated for five Oscars (Picture, Actress, Supporting Actress, Director, Screenplay), winning zero, but still. It's pretty good.

The titular Lady Bird nearly begs for non-sympathy. She lies, cheats, and steals. She's disloyal to her friends, unappreciative to her family, and relentlessly self-centered. Still I found her likeable and rooted for her. Maybe I was in an unusually good mood, or maybe it's due to the movie making skills of those involved. Anyway, it passed the test that Woody Allen's Café Society flunked: I cared about the characters, and wanted to see what happened to them.

The movie covers about a year in her life. A senior at a Catholic high school, she's desperate to get out of hometown Sacramento for college, preferably out of California. (She mentions New Hampshire as a possibility. Kid, let me tell you: I think UC Davis has more going on for a young girl.)

Unfortunately, her family is on the hairy edge financially. Her mom is well-meaning, but (understandably) patience-impaired. Dad is depressed. Her romantic life goes awry.

And ... whoa, that was Lois Smith playing an old nun? Crap, I'm old.