I Assume Remy Couldn't Figure Out How To Rhyme "New Hampshire"

So instead he says he's Moving to South Dakota.

But don't get lost on the way here, freedom-lovers, because (as Mitchell Scacchi points out): While freedom flourishes in New Hampshire, the rest of New England is a different story. After reviewing the latest scores from Cato's Freedom in the 50 States 2023 and the Fraser Institute's Economic Freedom of North America 2023, here's the bottom line:

While the rest of New England champions increased government spending for social programs and public welfare, higher tax rates, more regulation, and top-down control over education and the economy, they get in return lower levels of economic opportunity, growth, and prosperity than New Hampshire does.

Also of note:

  • Sounds like clickbait! Jess Gill takes a contrarian look at This TikTok Video Shows How the Right Is Scaring Young People Away from Capitalism. And I think this is my first effort to embed a TikTok video, let's see if it works:


    im also getting sick leave me alone im emotional ok i feel 12 and im scared of not having time to live

    ♬ original sound - BRIELLE

    To be fair: she's annoying, practically begging for comments like: geez, lady, don't spend so much time installing your eye makeup!

    Ms. Gill:

    As with all generations, zoomers face disadvantages. One of the biggest challenges young people face today is finding an affordable place to live. It’s hard enough for many young people to afford rent, let alone save up for a mortgage. As the Tiktoker describes in the video, she’s unable to afford to live close to her workplace.

    The housing crisis has a big role to play in this. Due to red tape and planning regulations, the supply of housing is severely limited. This is especially true in cities, where the demand greatly outweighs the supply.

    Anyhow, the theory is that by not taking Brielle's problems seriously, non-sympathetic boomers are driving her toward socialism.

    Which won't fix her problems either, but by the time she figures that out, it will be too late, we'll all be Zooming down the Road to Serfdom.

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