Jill Carroll is Cool With That

Journalist Jill Carroll was released by her Iraqi captors this morning. As reported in the WaPo:

"I was treated very well. That's important people know that," she said in an interview broadcast by the Iraqi Islamic Party. "They never said they would hit me, never threatened me in any way. …"
Well, they threatened to kill her, actually. But apparently not to her face.

And, as Charles Johnson comments: "Her interpreter, murdered during the kidnapping, was not available for comment."

We'll see what she says when she's safely out of the country, I suppose.

UPDATE: A recent Christian Science Monitor article indicates I was wrong to criticize Ms. Carroll's remarks as if they were freely given. More here.

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URLs du Jour


  • Via InstaGlenn, Tim Blair links to a news story that Borders and Waldenbooks are not stocking the upcoming issue of Free Inquiry magazine, because it contains pictures of the Prophet You-Know-Who. And, since Tim has a long memory, he also points out Borders' previous sanctimonious hosting of banned-books events. It's a great day for hypocrisy.

    Andrew Sullivan suggests a boycott. Sure thing, glad I can agree with Andrew about something. (I wish I could pretend this was some great sacrifice, but the nearest Borders is about 40 miles from my house.)

  • Slate's Paul Boutin sticks a well-deserved sharp pin in the hype balloon of "Web 2.0". Much more on target, methinks, than the Andrew Keen article I discussed here.

  • Clayton Cramer goes to Moscow and back and provides pictures. Including a couple of the fabled "Schiermans Slurp•N•Burp".

  • Immigration is one of those topics where I often find myself agreeing with the last thing I read. So while I found Professor Sowell making a lot of sense a couple of days ago, I'm also thinkin' Professor Caplan makes a lot of sense here and here. Even though they're on opposite sides. Hm, how to decide? Caplan's got the better basketball team on his side … although I bet Sowell could take Caplan in a one-on-one …

    I'm very confused.

  • Carl Schaad juxtaposes, right in front of God and the Whole Wide World. (Updated with permalink, removed snide comments about their being no permalinks, removed description of amusing filed-under tags, which are now gone. Whew.)

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