URLs du Jour


  • Via InstaGlenn, Tim Blair links to a news story that Borders and Waldenbooks are not stocking the upcoming issue of Free Inquiry magazine, because it contains pictures of the Prophet You-Know-Who. And, since Tim has a long memory, he also points out Borders' previous sanctimonious hosting of banned-books events. It's a great day for hypocrisy.

    Andrew Sullivan suggests a boycott. Sure thing, glad I can agree with Andrew about something. (I wish I could pretend this was some great sacrifice, but the nearest Borders is about 40 miles from my house.)

  • Slate's Paul Boutin sticks a well-deserved sharp pin in the hype balloon of "Web 2.0". Much more on target, methinks, than the Andrew Keen article I discussed here.

  • Clayton Cramer goes to Moscow and back and provides pictures. Including a couple of the fabled "Schiermans Slurp•N•Burp".

  • Immigration is one of those topics where I often find myself agreeing with the last thing I read. So while I found Professor Sowell making a lot of sense a couple of days ago, I'm also thinkin' Professor Caplan makes a lot of sense here and here. Even though they're on opposite sides. Hm, how to decide? Caplan's got the better basketball team on his side … although I bet Sowell could take Caplan in a one-on-one …

    I'm very confused.

  • Carl Schaad juxtaposes, right in front of God and the Whole Wide World. (Updated with permalink, removed snide comments about their being no permalinks, removed description of amusing filed-under tags, which are now gone. Whew.)

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